Monday, October 12, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 12 - Movie 1

See this photo up above? Good. Now you have absolutely no reason to watch The Bat People (1974), an atrociously slow film about a man who turns into a werebat while on a desert honeymoon with his wife. There's a lot of repetition from badly acted seizures, police cars stuck in the sand, uninteresting murders, suspicious behavior, concern from the wet blanket wife, and no view of the werebat (by Stanley Winston) until the very end. You may notice that the movie is called The Bat People, but seems like it should more honestly be called The Bat Person. Surprisingly, it's a barely honest title, as one of the other characters is clearly going to be transforming into a bat at the end of the movie. Only once the behavior change in this person become obvious, does the movie almost get interesting, which is sad since there's only about five minutes left before the end.

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