Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 16 - Movie 2

Margaret Hichcock (Barbara Steele) is having an affair with the physician, Dr. Livingstone (Peter Baldwin), treating her ill husband, Dr. Hichcock (Elio Jota) who holds an interest in the supernatural. Margaret convinces Livingstone to murder her husband. When they find themselves essentially cut out of his will, they begin trying to get their hands on Dr. Hitchcock's hidden money, but are repeatedly foiled by ghostly visits from Dr. Livingstone.

The Ghost (1963) has a an unreal quality to it which lends it an atmosphere which heightens the effect of the story. Even the poor dubbing lends itself to this dreamlike quality. Visually it's quite striking even if the plot does feel a little long. Towards the end there are some nice plot points that elevate the mostly by the numbers script which comes across as something of a knock off of Les Diaboliques (1955).

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