Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The 8th Wonder of the World

As today is my daughter's 7th birthday, I'm honoring her request to post some pictures she drew after watching Peter Jackson's King Kong Production Diaries last month.

The first one is Ann stealing an apple, a scene which launches her onto her encounter with King Kong. Note the attention to detail on Ann's authentically styled hat.

The second drawing is of one of the big V Rex dinosaurs suspended from vines in the gorge.

The final drawing is of Kong himself as he runs loose through Manhattan.



Anonymous said...

Great work!! Tell your daughter her drawings are delightful!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Love Kong in the City! Ann looks beautiful!


Anonymous said...

The talent in the Rozum Family continues. That is one scary King Kong. Miss Darrow is beautiful and the dinosaur looks mad.

Rob Tullo (monsterphile)

Conor said...

Your pictures are cool, King Kong is cool.

Happy Bitrthday!


scottra said...

That King Kong is awsome, I wish I could draw that good!

Happy Birthday!

Mr. Rob

Anonymous said...

I love the Kong picture. You are your father's daughter. I enjoyed your artwork immensely.

UMA guy

Anonymous said...

Wow - your daughter's good! Wonderful work!

Liz D-M

Anonymous said...

Excellent! You have lots of talent young Rozum!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Fun pictures! I'm glad you posted these, John. She has your talent and visual flair.

Maybe she could do the cover for your next compilation CD!

Max the Head with No Body