Friday, February 17, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Song"

I've started participating in when I gave time to do so. Fridays are usually pretty packed for me, so my participation will probably be sporadic at best.

This week's topic was "song", and the accompanying illustration was more of a collage sketch than anything else. I think there are maybe 8-9 pieces of paper there. I kept it very simple.


Abbie said...

Now thatis 'song'.. Very nice.

MjM said...

That's a very effective piece. Beautiful.

If I may offer a suggestion...


Is a better link to use on Illo Friday, because it goes right to the individual blog entry. I almost didn't see your submission, because it was so far down the page.

There's over 200 entries, so it's nice if your link goes right to the page for people (like me) who try to see as many as possible in a day


Matt Wayne said...

That's really great. Whimsy rules!