Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fun With Scissors - part 34

Rudy's like a school in the summer: No class.

I've mentioned Saxton Moore's great site before, but now he's got something special going on related to this post. He has a Fat Albert drawing contest open to all ages. The deadline is March 16, and there are some really cool prizes being offered.


SACKS said...

Thanks for being the first entry in the contest. Rudy looks GREAT! I love paper cut outs. Believe it or not, the rabbit at the top of my blog is a cut out. (with a little photoshop) I'm glad your little one was inspired to join in. I encourage all kids to participate. I even have a special surprise for one young entry winner in addition to the grand prize winner.

John Rozum said...

Thank you. The stuff on your site is all great. My daughter is very happy that there is a prize offered to kids. She's already got her first entry finished, which I will post soon.