Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Day 14 - Movie

After archeologists uncover and catalogue the contents of the tomb of Ananka, the mummy Kharis is brought back to life and taken to England to kill off these tomb raiders one by one. That in a nutshell is the plot of The Mummy (1959) a story so thin that it's bolstered by a pair of flashbacks. In spite of this, the movie proves to be a successful entertainment with some marvelous performances, particularly by Peter Cushing as one of the targeted archeologists and Christopher Lee who does some wonderful things with his eyes and body language as the mummy, Kharis. He is simultaneously huge and powerful and awkward in his movements in his resurrected state. Michael Ripper, always a pleasure to see is great in his comic relief role as a poacher, and Harold Goodwin, likewise, in his role as a cart driver.

It was a pleasure to revisit this movie.


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