Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Day 31

I usually try to showcase items from my own collection during my Halloween countdown, but this year, while I did acquire some new items I haven't really put out any decorations inside the house and probably won't be doing much with the outside of the house either.

So instead of showing anything of my own I would like to direct you to Vintage Halloween Collectors group on Flickr and impression resource of fantastic vintage items and displays of various members collections which will no doubt fill you with awe and envy. Take a look at a small sampling here, then head for the link above and check out thousands more.



Dane said...

Happy Halloween, John! I hope you had a really fun month full of spooky joy. You have once again really done an amazing amount of work, and it shows.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

The retro plant stand used as a display for the cats is brilliant. Happy Halloween.

Todd Franklin said...

Happy Halloween, John! Great work as always and congrats again at beating the odds with Medusa!