Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days of Halloween - Day 21

Every year for the Countdown I've tried to post one comic book story I've written suited to the holiday. From November 1996 comes "Donor" from The X-Files published by Topps. I became the regular writer of The X-Files comic book series with issue #17 up until it ceased publication, I think with issue #41. I also wrote related X-Files material such as The X-Files Digest, The X-Files movie adaptation graphic novel and the trading cards for the first movie (which I also edited and selected images for). There was also an X-Files story for Disney Adventures magazine and an X-Files crossover with the rock band Kiss which I did work on though neither ended up seeing the light of day. I actually spent a great deal of time at the tenthirteen production offices during that time and got to know many of the writers and producers of the show who were all very welcoming and helpful.

The art for this story is by Charlie Adlard. The two of us reteamed for a Superman story around this same time. Charlie is currently the artist on The Walking Dead which served as the basis for the tv series on AMC.


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Dane said...

That is a great story. Suitably gruesome for the season,and a damn good read. Thanks for posting it.