Thursday, May 23, 2013

30 Years of RETURN OF THE JEDI - Part 23

Thirty years ago, today, the cover story on Time magazine was about George Lucas and Return of the Jedi. Aside from being the first time I saw that jaw dropping picture of Lucas surrounded by all of the miniatures, maquettes, and props from ROTJ, it's most important tidbits did not involve the new movie, but hints about what to expect in the eventual prequel trilogy and sequel trilogy. Reading through this article again now, there isn't much you can glean from it this far afterwards, but that same paragraph pertaining to the six movies beyond the original trilogy remains intriguing now that the prequels have come and gone, and the sequels are apparently going to happen with the original cast now at the actual ages that Lucas envisioned their characters being.

That photo of Lucas surrounded by all of those props is still really cool, too.

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