Tuesday, May 07, 2013

30 Years of RETURN OF THE JEDI - Part 7

One of the more interesting licensing lines were the ceramic figures and figural mugs put out by Sigma. The figures, quaintly charming looking at them now, were rather detailed for their time. Each stood about 5-6 inches, and, except for Chewbacca, included all of the main characters as well as some of the more visually interesting supporting characters.

Darth Vader and the Emperor

R2-D2 and C-3PO

Han Solo

Lando Calrissian

Leia in her bounty hunter disguise

Luke Skywalker


The bulk of the characters chosen for this collection came from the Jabba's palace portion of the movie. The Jabba the Hutt figure was actually made as a bank, and the Max Rebo Band is a music box which plays the Baroque music heard in Jabba's Palace and not the "Lapti Nek" song played by the band in the original edit of the movie. 

Jabba the Hutt

Bib Fortuna

Boba Fett

Gamorrean Guard


The Max Rebo Band

There was also an Ewok music box which was clearly based on the Ewoks animated tv series and not on Return of the Jedi, but it came in a Return of the Jedi box. 

While being passed over as a figure, Chewbacca did find himself rendered as one of Sigma's ceramic figural mugs. This line had some obvious choices such as Yoda, Wicket and Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker in an X-Wing helmet, Leia with her cinnamon bun hairstyle, and Han wearing his Hoth outfit from The Empire Strikes Back, which as far as I can tell were all originals for the Return of the Jedi line and not carry overs from a previous line of Star Wars mugs, so it's puzzling why these rebel characters were rendered in previous movie incarnations, unless you consider that the crudeness of the likenesses made it easier to recognize them for who they are with these outfits and hairstyles. 

Imperial Biker Scout mug

C-3PO mug

Leia mug

Luke Skywalker mug

Darth Vader mug

Lando Calrissian in Skiff Guard disguise mug

Gamorrean Guard mug

Klaatu mug

Wicket mug

Yoda mug

Notice how obscure alien character, Klaatu was rendered both as a figure and a figural mug. 


wicket grandma said...

I am trying to find out what tune the ewoks music box plays

John Rozum said...

The ewok music box plays the theme from Star Wars.

The Max Rebo music box plays the baroque music played when the droids are brought to Jabba.