Wednesday, May 08, 2013

30 Years of RETURN OF THE JEDI - Part 8

Return of the Jedi also allowed licensee, Don Post Studios to usher in a new bunch of full over the head latex masks to tie in with the movie. They advertised the masks in a variety of ads.

When you ordered one of their masks it came in a box like this one. I actually still have my Weequay mask, complete with the box. The boxes were pretty high quality, but the pricing was a bit high for most kids. 

Don Post Gamorrean Guard mask

Don Post Admiral Ackbar mask

Don Post Wicket mask

Don Post Klaatu mask

For kids without the budget for a Don Post mask, there were still plenty of affordable Return of the Jedi costumes to choose from at Halloween thanks to Ben Cooper.

Above are the elements of the Ben Cooper Gamorrean Guard costume, which when worn together enabled a child to somewhat convincingly masquerade as one of Jabba's trusty guards like the child below. 

There were other characters to choose from, such as Wicket the ewok...

Admiral Ackbar...

Darth Vader...

and the omnipresent Klaatu...

Kids could continue the role playing fun with this book of punch out masks from Random House, which surprisingly did not include Klaatu. 

Here's a couple of masks that you can print and cut out. More print and cut Star Wars masks can be found here

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