Sunday, October 25, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 25 - Movie 1

Four young people (I wasn't sure whether they were meant to be teens, or twenty-somethings) with the lowest IQs imaginable find themselves stranded at sea, when fortune brings them along side a luxury yacht, which turns out to be a recently abandoned marine biological lab conducting experiments of mutated deep sea fish. It turns out some of these fish don't need water to live, or get around, and that they mix with people with interesting results.

Plankton/Creatures of the Abyss (1994) is terrible. First off, I was shocked to discover this movie was made in the mid 90s instead of the mid 80s. The dubbed dialogue combined with the awful performances makes for something hypnotic to watch. I really couldn't stop. The Lovecraftian plot is unfolded in the clumsiest, least interesting manner possible. the whole movie is incompetently made. The less attention I give it the better. If you're looking for a really bad movie that is strangely watchable, then get your friends over and start drinking.

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