Tuesday, October 27, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 27 - Movie 2

When Frank Carvath's (Art Hindle) young daughter, Candy (Cindy Hinds) returns from visiting her institutionalized mother (Samantha Eggar), she is covered with bruises, bite marks and scratches. Frank forbids Candy from seeing her mother again, but her psychiatrist, Dr. Raglan (Oliver Reed) promises to make trouble if he does. Frank begins to investigate Raglan's institute and his "psychoplasmics" method of treatment. As he does so, people attached to him and Candy start being murdered by strange mutant children, which have some kind of connection to Raglan, and to Frank's wife.

David Cronenberg's The Brood (1979) is one of his finest films. Written amidst a tempestuous divorce from his own wife, Cronenberg's film exemplifies the difficulties and estrangement of a couple whose marriage has collapsed in animosity as well as the psychic scarring that such a collapse places on the children of the couple involved. Filled with disturbing imagery and interactions, and some truly brutal murders. The newly released Criterion edition also reinstates a notorious scene cut from the original release of the film.


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