Monday, October 26, 2015

31 Days of Halloween - Day 26 - Movie 1

When a bunch of friends go exploring an old mine they are trapped by a cave in. As the days stretch beyond a week, they realize that something must be done to deal with their hunger. Not ready to kill anyone, they decide to eat only the part of someone. Drawing the short straw, one poor guy has his arm cut off -- just as a rescue party arrives.

The rest of the movie is set five years later when the other members of the group are each attacked and winding up with one of their own arms hacked off. Certain it's their amputee friend out to settle a score, they mostly wander around discussing it and doing nothing else to save themselves, as the killer brings their numbers down one by one.

I mistakenly confused The Severed Arm (1973) with a not dissimilarly titled film that I actually enjoyed. This movie was a real trial to sit through. Shot with the most uninteresting compositions imaginable, with a bland cast, bad script, terrible score, and nothing else to draw the viewer in, The Severed Arm's entire strength lies in the premise of cutting off the arm of one of the cave-in victims just before the rescue party arrives.

This is the only movie so far were I checked the time remaining to see how much longer it was and was horrified to see that I'd barely passed the 35 minute mark of its 90 minute running time. So far this is easily the worst movie I've subjected myself to this Countdown. It would take something of excessively poor quality to dethrone it in the time remaining.


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