Monday, August 07, 2006

Batman Update

I've received a bunch of inquiries about my forthcoming Batman work, so I'll try and answer everybody here.

While I'm not willing to give plot details yet, I've written the first half of a two-part story that will upgrade one of the classic Batman villains. My script for the first issue got a thumbs up from the editorial department, and I'm just awaiting their notes before I begin writing the second issue.

I don't when my story will be run, but it will appear in DETECTIVE COMICS in the near future. I also don't have solid information yet on who's handling the art. As things progress I'll be able to provide less vague information. Thanks for all the interest.


pee money said...

The classic Batman scoundrel that strikes me as suiting your style would be the Joker, but my guess is that you have someone more obscure in mind. Any clues?

Rozum said...

I may post a hint this coming week, but it's not the Joker. The Joker made an appearance in my first issue, but iw as told to remove him and another DC villain, because they were being utilized by that bastard, Grant Morrison over in the pages of BATMAN. It's too bad because it was a favorite scene of mine, and the editors. Replacing it will just seem second rate no matter how well I handle it.

As for my main villain, he's not obscure. He's one of Batman's primary foes.