Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Cat In The Hat

To accompany the installation piece previewed in the previous post, I've also decided to do some collages of scenes from iconic children's books, which will be hung in the children's section, and will be offered for sale.

My initial thought was to more or less reinterpret the scenes and and character designs through my own sensibility. Since I've been doing dozens of collages of characters from classic animated cartoons, where I adhered exactly to their established look, I wanted be less literal here. I then realized that they'd be more likely to sell if they actually looked like the characters as established, than alternate interpretations of them.

For the Cat in the Hat, I stuck to the layout and design provided by Dr. Seuss, but veered away from the restricted color palette of the original, and tried to give the character and objects a little more dimension and texture. In the actual collage, you can see all of the ball. Unfortunately my scanner was not large enough to accommodate the full image, cropping it down to essentially the same layout as seen in the book.


Shane said...

So Super Awesome!!!! Love the Cat in the HAt!

Rozum said...

Thanks for the comments, Shane. it's good to see you back.