Friday, October 01, 2010

31 Days of Halloween - Day 1

Welcome to the 5th Annual Halloween Countdown. Everyday throughout the month of October I will be posting a variety of tricks and treats for your enjoyment.

Things here will be a bit different than they were last year. The riddle of the day which was a popular feature here for the past three years will not be returning. The reason is that I've simply gone through all of the Halloween and monster related riddles I know. I had also intended to continue with last year's theme of a daily cut paper collage portrait of a different movie monster each day. Unfortunately I did not have time to make even one single new collage for this year. In fact the last collage I made was back in February.

My daily movie viewing posts will return, and the main posts will revert back to the more or less random assortment that they were back in 20062007, and 2008. Hopefully there will be enough for everyone to enjoy and no one will feel like I've dropped a toothbrush into their trick-or-treat bag. Additionally, I'll be carrying my countdown over to facebook where I'll be posting a season appropriate short film each day. If you're interested in joining me there for these, there's a facebook link at the lower right on this blog. Make sure to mention the Halloween Countdown, and the name of your blog.

For your first treat, I direct your attention to Tim a short film by Ken Turner which is an ode to both Tim Burton and Tim Burton's short film, Vincent, itself an ode to Vincent Price.

On the upper right of this page you will see a button for the Countdown to Halloween. Clicking that will take you to the home page for the expanded online countdown with links to all of this year's participants who number more than 150 with, no doubt, many more to be added as we go. So there's plenty of virtual candy to be tossed in your bucket if you stroll through that neighborhood ringing doorbells. Be sure to say thank you to all the participants by leaving comments in their comment boxes.



Steven Altis said...

I am so ready for this! Well, at least I'm ready to sit back and enjoy it.. not so much ready to take part in it... scrambling to get that together, but looking forward to it. Wish I had been ready at the stroke of Midnight, but my first Halloween post will be up around the stroke of early afternoon! Happy Countdown, John!:)

Todd Franklin said...

Happy October John! Good luck with the countdown and lets hope we can make it to October 31st. Nice choice for a banner. That's one of my favorite calendar tops. I found it in a flea market a few years ago. Charles Dye is the artist and it has become one of my top scans on flickr!

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Yay! Sitting with my cup of cider watching the countdown.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

October is here...let the Countdown begin! :o)

Dane said...

Happy Halloween Countdown, John! Personally, I think the daily treats and the movie reviews sound like the most fun! (Can't wait to get home and check out "Tim." How clever! I loved Vincent.)

Shawn Robare said...

You know, a month ago I was tempted to do two countdowns, one on Branded and one on the Countdown site (to keep it interesting during the month. Of course self preservation won out... ;)