Monday, October 25, 2010

31 Days of Halloween - Day 25

Just as I did previously on this countdown with the haunted houses of SCOOBY-DOO, here are some of the haunted dwellings from CASPER - THE FRIENDLY GHOST, which was an absolute favorite of mine as a wee lad. I even dressed as Casper for Halloween one year.

"Casper Comes to Clown"

"The Deep Boo Sea"

"Fright From Wrong"

"Hide and Shriek"

"By the Old Mill Scream"

"Casper Take a Bow Wow Wow" and "Not Ghoulty"

"Once Upon a Rhyme"

"Casper's Birthday Party" and "The Boo Scout"

"Ghost of the Town"

"Cage Fright"

"Frightday the 13th"



Michael Jones said...

Some of these are far eerier than the ScoobyDoo ones.
I also liked Casper but I wouldn't be caught dead in his costume!

Robert Pope said...

Yeah, those are pretty damned eerie!

Steven Altis said...

Beautiful! I don't remember Casper cartoons as being that atmospheric.

"Not Ghoulty" has got to be the most painfully forced title pun of all time. I'm a huge fan of painfully forced title puns.