Friday, October 29, 2010

31 Days of Halloween - Day 29

Over the years I've pulled a lot of images of headstones from the internet. Some of these I pulled with the idea that they might make good visual reference for a comic book story, or a collage I was going to make. Others I picked as inspiration for headstones I might make for my yard as Halloween decorations. Others I picked because they were weird, or amusing. All of the images in this post come from that last category (as exemplified by the image above). I had never planned on reposting any of these so I did not take note of where they came from. Some contain watermarks so you can see the source, but most of the sources are unknown to me. I apologize in advance to anyone to whom any of these photos belong. If they belong to you, please let me know so proper credit can be attributed, or if you'd prefer I can remove these outright from this post.

I might have reconsidered the proximity of the words "poker" and "hard" but otherwise I rather like this one.

Read the first vertical line of letters for the coded message.


Crystal said...

What a wonderful collection - some are amazing, but a couple are truly disturbing. Would love to know the back story on Lilly Gray's and the person who was "murdered by human wolves". wow.

Anonymous said...

Here's some backstory on the Lilly Gray grave:

Long story short, her husband, responsible for the epitaph, was crazy.

Now, I'm with you on wanting more information on these "human wolves" ...

John Rozum said...

Maybe it was the person buried in the grave right after William Hahn's.