Wednesday, October 27, 2010

31 Days of Halloween - Day 27

Lewis Carroll had John Tenniel, A.A. Milne and Kenneth Grahame had Ernest Shepard. These were perfect matches of stories and artwork, and while others may have come along to illustrate Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, The Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh, it's those artists who will always be THE artists for those works.

Edgar Allan Poe also had the perfect artist to illustrate his macabre stories in the person of Harry Clarke (1889-1931), a stained glass artist and book illustrator. His black and white illustrations are reminiscent of Aubrey Beardsley who found his match with Oscar Wilde, and Clarke's color work is along the lines of the work of the great children's book illustrator Kay Nielson who would later design the "night on Bald Mountain" sequence for Fantasia.

The Cask of Amontillado

King Pest

The Assignation

The Black Cat

The Masque of the Red Death

The Gold Bug

A Descent Into the Maelstrom

The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar

The Mystery of Marie Roget

Landor's Cottage

Some Passages in the Life of a Lion (Lionizing)

The Premature Burial

William Wilson

The Tell Tale Heart

MS. Found in a Bottle

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Murders in the Rue Morgue



The Pit and the Pendulum

The Pit and the Pendulum


The Tell Tale Heart


The Fall of the House of Usher


MS Found in a Bottle

The Mystery of Marie Roget

Edgar Allan Poe



Michael Jones said...

Have you ever read any stories by Edogawa Ranpo? He's a Japanese author who borrowed his penname from EAP. Odd stories, not at all scary, just odd.

John Rozum said...

I've heard of him, but not read any of his work. I've always planned to though.