Monday, November 07, 2011

Ask Me Anything #14

After taking a month off in order to make room for the annual Halloween Countdown, "Ask Me Anything" returns. This feature runs on the first Monday of every month and gives you the opportunity to ask me anything you might be wondering.  Whether it's a burning question about one of my projects, something I've said, or did, or even if you're just wondering what books I'm reading now, this is your opportunity to ask.  This month I'll also be responding to a couple of questions from previous editions of "Ask me Anything" that I've been remiss in answering. 

Head down to the comment section and post your question. I'll either post my answer in the comment section as well, or answer it in a special post all its own sometime later in the month.

Please take the time to view the previous questions so that we don't wind up with a lot of repetition. I've been asked a lot of good, thought provoking questions in the past as well as some really banal ones. all of which I tried to answer. You can see the previous questions by visiting Ask Me Anything  #1#2 ,  #3#4#5#6 , #7 , #8#9,  #10,  #11,  #12 and #13.  Answers not found following the questions can be found in the archives section for each associated month.

Now ask away.


pulpcitizen said...

Hi Mr Rozum! Having just re-read your Hangman run over this past weekend (I loved all the DC-Red Circle stuff and wish it had been more commercially successful as a whole), this has prompted several questions!
1. Mr. Justice cameoed in #5; was that simply to use the design in-comic befoe the end of the series or did you have bigger plans for the character?
2. If you did have more plans for the character, what kind or ole did you see for Mr. Justice? What kind of powers would he have had?
3. In the final episode, it is mentioned that the various avatars of violent death have been villains and less often heroes; it was also mentioned that Hangman had encountered the avatar of those burned at the stake; while reading this I reflected on the Mr. Justice appearance which was as a building was burning in the wake of Hangman’s actions – so was Mr. Justice the new avatar of those burned at the stake, or am I over-reading things?
Thanks in advance. I have a fondness for the MLJ/Mighty Crusaders/Red Circle heroes in their various incarnations, and with the full potential of the latter DC era unfulfilled simply due to cancellation (at least in my opinion) despite great stories from a talented pool of writers, I was hoping to fill in some of the remaining blanks.

John Rozum said...

Mr. Justice appeared in the Web half of the comic, which was not written by me, so I can't answer those questions.

As far as the Avatars of Execution go, all of the characters I'd planned were new, previously non-existing characters, except for the avatar of the electric chair who is revealed in the final page of the final issue.

You can read all about the heroes and villains featured in THE HANGMAN by heading to this post:

Everyone involved was fully invested in making the characters exciting, interesting, and at home in the DCU, and we were all sorry that they didn't catch on. I'm glad you enjoyed the work we all put into the Red Circle books.

pulpcitizen said...

Thanks, both for the info and the link. :)

Sorry to disagree about Mr Justice Mr. Rozum - Mr Justice definitely cameos in Hangman episode #5, page 9, floating in the air. :)

And once again, I think those 37 issues you guys produced were a strong addition to the legacy of MLJ/Red Circle/Mighty Crusaders in its various iterations. :)

Michael Jones said...

What's your favourite fictional planet?
(You haven't had your banal quota filled yet.)

Michael Jones said...

I should've added my pick. The id planet from Forbidden Planet.

John Rozum said...

superherofigurehunter -- Looking at it, you are right. That still wasn't me. I'm guessing editorial asked for that to be drawn in there to connect with some future plans of one of the other Red Circle writers. Probably this was akin to the mysterious hooded woman who showed up in every one of the new #1 issues at DC. None of my plans involved Mr. Justice.

John Rozum said...

Michael -- Gaea from the novels TITAN, WIZARD and DEMON by John Varley, which I highly recommend. These are also the books that I'd turn into movies if I had the power/money to do so.