Wednesday, October 11, 2006

31 Days of Halloween - Day 11

I was going to post more pictures from the decorations I own, but don't have the time today, so instead, here are a slew of links where you can obtain some decorations of your own, or to give to someone whose blog you might be reading. ;)

Vintage Cat

Seasons of Cannon Falls

Vintage Halloween

Dragonfly Studios

Ghoul Gallery


Dynamic Design Intl.

Tell them I sent you.


Anonymous said...

hey John - thanks for the kind words on my blog. haven't been to your spot in a bit, and look at all the fun stuff I discovered!

love all your posts about the films - I just watched Doctor X (which was on TMC) and I really enjoyed it. wonderful sets and lighting, and the eerie early Technicolor adds something other worldly to it.

now, back to reading all your great posts!


Rozum said...

Thanks, Michael. Right back at you.