Monday, October 23, 2006

31 Days of Halloween - Day 23

We've all see pictures of giant pumpkins like these. Apparently, these champions don't taste very good. So what do you do with them after the state fair?

Well, Craig Fitzgerald, a large pumpkin growing hobbyist, came up with a solution; hollow them out into canoes and race them across a pond.

On October 8th, Rutland Massachusetts held its first annual Massachusetts Pumpkin Paddle. 1000 people attended to watch contestants paddle their way across Long Pond and back in their great pumpkin boats.

1st Prize was a trophy

2nd Prize was a bushel of apples

3rd Prize was a loaf of home-baked pumpkin bread

For more information on the festivities go to the official Massacusetts Pupkin Paddle website

This article from The Worcester Telegram & Gazette News

or this transcript from the radio program Living On Earth.

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