Saturday, October 07, 2006

31 Days of Halloween - Day 7

Halloween doesn't seem like Halloween to me without at least one visit by the headless horseman. Whether it's the Disney animated classic "The Adventures of Ichabod Crane" or Tim Burton's heavily flawed, but highly enjoyable "Sleepy Hollow," this classic Washington Irving story has to be represented somehow. I have several action figures, beany babies, figurines, etc., at least one of which gets put on display each Halloween.

I also have numerous versions of the story in print. As well as the original Irving short novel, I have a bunch of adaptations aimed at children of varying ages. Some are straight adaptations, some are in verse. All are read periodically.

There are also a number of audio representations in my collection; the Bing Crosby song from the Disney cartoon, at least one cover, a handful of songs based on the story, and a variety of adaptations of the story. My favorite one of these is the one read by Boris Karloff available here.


Kirk D. said...

Oh, man thanks for reminding me of that stamp! I have it buried in my childhood stamp collection and it was always my favorite. Looks even better enlarged.

I'm enjoying the countdown by the way!

Rozum said...

Thanks, Kirk. I was transfixed by that stamp when I was a kid. I was very excited to see it was still there when digging through some stuff at my parents.

Of course, since then I put it some place safe, where I wouldn't lose it, before we moved a couple years ago, and haven't located it since. Fortunately I'd already made the enlargements which were tucked away with my Halloween stuff.

Your skeleton countdown is a novel idea and a lot of fun. i'm particularly astounded by your dead on determination of their celebrity lookalikes.