Tuesday, October 17, 2006

31 Days of Halloween - Day 17

I first discovered Adam Rex with this cover, and accompanying interior art, that he painted for Cricket magazine back in 2001. It quickly became one of my favorite Halloween themed magazine covers.

Since then, he's done a number of children's books, including my other favorite children's book for this holiday season, "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich." The art inside is done in a variety of styles, all of them gorgeous, though my favorite is the style used in the Phantom of the Opera sequences and the image of Dracula with spinach in his teeth (made even better by Dracula's pose and expression). If Mr. Rex ever decides to illustrate comics, I hope he gets in touch with me. The book is a series of verse vignettes using all of the classic Universal movies as well as a few others, and to my son's gratification Godzilla and his Toho cohorts, and a little something they've never shown in any of the 28 Godzilla movies (though it did make an appearance in the 1st movie in the 1990s Gamera trilogy). This book is a must have.

There's more great stuff on Rex's website, including this cool photo of the models he created as reference for "Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich." I love seeing this behind the scenes process material.

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