Sunday, October 15, 2006

31 Days of Halloween - Day 15

I'm just getting over a brutal cold, which is why this is going up so late in the day. Since I'm not up to a long involved post, I'm going to take this time to direct you to some more Halloween treats.

I've plugged Jay Stephens' Monsterama a few times in the past, and I'm going to do so again. I check this blog almost every day, and it's full of all sorts of monster goodness; from old comics, advertisements, animated shows, toys, links and even Jay's own stuff.

These three sites are new treats for me, and I've been enjoying them on a daily basis as well. You'll find a daily variety of Halloween images and ephmera from days long past through today at

Plastic Pumpkins


and Branded in the 80s

and I'd like to thank the fine folks that run them for checking in here regularly as well.

The motherlode of Halloween treats comes from
Senses Working Overtime with daily postings of music, old time radio episodes, comic book dowloads and more. I loved looking through this stuff last year, and this year's even better. It's like being handed a whole Trick-or-Treat bucket already loaded with your favorite candy.

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