Friday, October 27, 2006

31 Days of Halloween - Day 27 Movie 1

"Voodoo Island" (1957) Stars Boris Karloff, and while it's always a pleasure to see him, and here he's pretty spry for a man with chronic back problems, this film isn't much to watch. Karloff, as a debunker of strange phenomena, leads a group on an expedition to investigate a mysterious island that a wealthy hotel magnate wants to develop. They don't actually reach the island until more than halfway through the movie, and aside from an large inert crab moved by fishing line, and a bunch of giant carnivorous plants, nothing much happens. There's a lot of walking around and pointing at things of little consequence. The script seems to be an afterthought.

Adam West does put in an uncredited appearance as a radio operator in the first half of the movie, though I can't say that's enough to recommend this movie.

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