Monday, October 02, 2006

31 Days of Halloween - Day 2 Movie

Tonight's movie was "The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake"(1959). While the characters were essentially ciphers, as were the actors playing them, this was a pretty enjoyable movie involving a family curse and shrunken heads. Amazingly for a movie of this type, from this era, the research was pretty accurate. The major problem with this movie is that it feels really padded and some interesting touches don't really lead anywhere. While not a classic, it's quite watchable, something I can't say for all of the movies I end up watching this time of year.

If you're looking for a better movie involving skulls, seek out "The Skull" (1965) starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, and directed by Freddie Francis from a script by Robert Bloch. It's up there with "The Devil Rides Out" in terms of quality, and really creeped me out as a kid.

You could also do much worse than "The Screaming Skull" (1958) which can be found easily anywhere dollar dvds are sold. Not quite a classic either, this one is about on par with "The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake" and a perfect choice for a night of eerie Halloween fun.


Todd Franklin said...

I've never seen the Four Skulls movie, so I'll need to search for it. Sounds fun for this time of year.

Also really enjoyed looking at your art and your website and blogs are bunches of fun!!!

Rozum said...

Thanks, Todd. Right back at you. Keep watching this blog for a plug for your site. I should have it up by the weekend.