Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 13 - Mask of the Day

I don't know where today's print and cut out paper mask comes from. I wish I did so I could give them credit because this is a thing of beauty. Not only can you disguise yourself as Famous Monsters of Filmland editor, Forrest J Ackerman as he appeared in the 1970s - 1980s with his trademark glasses and hair --both on top of his head and facial, but it also comes accessorized with Forry's Dracula ring.

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egorschamber said...

Hey John -- I was just now getting great eyeball kicks going backwards through your Halloween cut-out mask posts (which I just discovered this morning by Googling for "Human Monster") when I was delighted to find this Forry Ackerman mask... which I originally designed for Joe Moe as a giveaway for 4E's 1st posthumous birthday party the year he died. Unfortunately it wasn't used for that occasion due to some logistical problems, nor for another occasion afterward -- but it FINALLY got printed (sorta) as an extra in the recent recreation (under the *new* FAMOUS MONSTERS imprint) of the HUGE annotated FM#1 reprint created a few years ago for one of Forry's last birthdays on Earth. Not as big as I'd hoped it would be, and not printed on card stock, and not die-cut for easy punch-out (thus some revisions to the text and some rearrangement of the graphics were necessary), but at least it DID finally get distributed (at last!)... to those who could afford to buy the revamped annotated FM #1.
Here's the image again, with more comments, in one of my Facebook albums:

... and here's a little caricature of Forry I did that appeared on the cover:

... and here's another little tribute that I did for Forry's last birthday, just before he died:

Thanks for the kind words about the Forry mask! I love your blog!

George "E-gor" Chastain