Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 15 - Movie 1

After their young daughter is killed, a couple moves out to a small village to begin the healing process. They learn that things here aren't like other places and that the villagers have a means of bringing back the dead for three days so that they're loved ones can say goodbye. Of course, they have their daughter brought back to life, and things start to go very wrong.

Wake Wood (2011) is something of a mix between The Wicker Man and Pet Sematary. It's beautifully filmed and has some nice performances, but I found myself unable to really get involved with it. As with another movie I recently watched I found an overall lack of building suspense, or a sense of real dread anywhere. The daughter also goes from being sweet, normal resurrected daughter to creepy girl butcher in a sudden switch, so there are no moments of "why can't her parents see that she's gone wrong?" as she slowly starts acting strange when they aren't noticing. In fact everyone catches on immediately, and set about doing what needs to be done and without any remorse.

Wake Wood showed a lot of promise and clearly aspired to be a smart horror movie, but never quite achieved this.


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