Saturday, October 06, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 6

There are a few things not specific to the holiday that I associate strongly with Halloween. One of them is Vincent Price. The late actor may have been criticized for a seeming lack of discrimination in some of the projects that he attached himself to, but he not only stayed busy as an actor for over sixty years he became relevant to successive generations of movie and tv viewers by making himself ever present in a  wide variety of movies, television shows, commercials and print advertisements. Among many of the wide variety of products that Vincent Price shilled for in magazines are these:

Price also had a long association with Sears. An avid art collector, Price partnered with the homegoods company to bring affordable art to the masses, but it wasn't just art that Vincent Price lent his name to for Sears. 


ToB said...

Fascinating collection of ads, thank you for posting them. I dare say any celebrity of Price's stature would have an ad portfolio, but it was interesting what was offered to him specifically.

Belle Dee said...

Those are amazing! I hadn't seen a lot of these. I didn't know that he was in an ad for the Enchanted World books!! I love those books. My mom had (and still has) most of those books. I kept the 'Ghosts' one for myself. I had to save the Tuaca ad (love Tuaca) and the Christmas tree ad.