Saturday, October 06, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 6 - Movie 1

I've grown a bit weary of the whole "found footage" type of movie. Yes, it's a great way to make a movie  for very little movie, but it also allows the filmmakers to present something that thin on story development and lacking an ending. Having said that, Trollhunter (2010), a found footage movie,  completely won me over.

College students out to film a story about dead bears and a possible poacher, instead find themselves in the company of Norway's officially sanctioned troll hunter, sent to kill them whenever they stray out of their territory and start causing problems in the human world. The movie is clever, playing against fairy tale expectations and providing scientific explanations for troll behavior, while being playful, particularly when setting bait for a troll that lurks under a bridge.

The cast is good, and the trolls, of which we are shown four varieties, look really cool. Overall, the movie feels really fresh, and gives a sense of what it would be like if all those tv shows like In Search of... and Monster Quest actually found the monsters they were looking for. This was a really fun monster movie.


Ken H. said...

Troll Hunter was amazing! It a great blend of humor and horror with a likeable cast. Fun, fun flick!

Belle Dee said...

I keep hearing positive things about this movie, I'll have to sit down and watch it sometime.