Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 17

Back in 2009 my Halloween Countdown centered around 31 cut paper collage portraits that I made of various movie monsters. This is something I'd like to do again one of these years. Not this year, though. I did not have anything approaching enough time to manage 31 monster portraits. This is not to say that I haven't made any since 2009. I have done a few as well as some other horror and Halloween related pieces of cut paper collage art which I will post today and tomorrow.  Click on any image to view it larger. 

"Frankendoll" from Pee-wee's Playhouse. Created for the "I Know You Art, But What Am I" Pee-Wee Herman tribute show at Gallery 1988

"Always First Quality" based on Dawn of the Dead. Created for the "Crazy 4 Cult 5" show at Gallery 1988

"The Singing Busts." Created for "The 2nd Annual Haunted Mansion Show" at the Parlour Gallery.

"Dracula" diptych. Created for "The 2nd Annual Haunted Mansion Show" at the Parlour Gallery.

"Sonny vs the Thing." Created for Steve Niles to benefit his dog Sonny's chemotherapy. 

"A Strange Hobby" based on Psycho. Created for the "Suspense & Gallows Humor" show at Gallery 1988.

"Early Class Dismissal" based on The Birds. Created for the "Suspense & Gallows Humor" show at Gallery 1988.

"A Sumptuous Feast" based on Pan's Labyrinth. Created for the "Crazy 4 Cult:NYC" show at Gallery 1988.

"The Cryptkeeper" based on Tales From the Crypt. Created for the "More Than You Imagined: Art Inspired By Premium Cable" show at the Bottleneck Gallery.

"George Dakei" a zombie portrait of George Takei. Created for "Can't Beat Em, Join Em: The Zombie Show" at  Bottleneck Gallery.

The following are from a batch of collages that I did of various characters from Adventure Time just for fun. These had a Halloween feel to them, so I'm including them here. I'm planning to post the whole batch in my online store at the end of the month. If anyone is interested in any of these now, please let me know.  Most run in the $15.00 - $25.00 range.


Kid Marceline.

Candy Corn Person.


Skeleton Princess.

You can see more of my work at my online portfolio.


Belle Dee said...

Beautiful work! Nice to see the spooky collection of cut paper. I've actually never watched Adventure Time, but I understand it's quite good.

John Rozum said...

Thanks, Belle. Adventure Time is very good. I think it's the most imaginative, weird show on television, and the design for everything is really wonderful, which is how I ended up starting these collages based on the show.

Bird of Paradise said...

The Birds one of Hitchcocks all time cassic movies

Spurwing Plover said...

How many times have you seen that classic hitchcock movie THE BIRDS? and without all the enviroental propeganda as was in junk movies like WATERWORLD,FERNGULLLY and as wel as DiCaprios and Gores propeganda films