Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 20

Today is Bela Lugosi's birthday. Born on October 20, 1886 in Lugos Hungary, as an actor, Lugosi became synonymous with horror and is best remembered for his defining portrayal of Dracula in the 1931 Universal classic.

Here are some things about Bela Lugosi you may not have known.

Lugosi enjoyed skiing and served as a ski patrol soldier on the Russian front during World War I.

Lugosi never learned how to drive a car.

His favorite actor of the 1950s was Marlon Brando. he thought Brando was one of the greatest actors of all time.

Bela's nickname was Adelbert.

He was a stamp collector.

Lugosi claimed to have run away from home at the age of eleven or twelve, taking jobs in coal mines or steel mills until he was able to secure jobs in the theater.

He was mostly self educated and a voracious reader.

He enjoyed canoeing and hiking.

His favorite breakfast was oatmeal with a raw egg.

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