Monday, October 01, 2012

31 Days of Halloween - Day 1

Welcome to my 7th annual Halloween Countdown. Every day throughout the month of October I 'll be dropping treats into your virtual Halloween bucket through a series of posts pertaining to the spirit of Halloween.

While the Countdown is transpiring, I'll be suspending any posts here that don't support the mood of the Halloween season. Regular posting will resume in November, though my regular feature "Ask Me Anything" won't return until the first Monday in December. For those of you new to this blog, or who only venture here during the Countdown, "Ask Me Anything" is something I run on the first Monday of every month (except October) and is meant for you to ask me anything you want about my work, inspiration, this blog, or anything at all. Feel free to revisit in order to do just that.

This year, my Countdown posts will cover a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from pictorials to longer essay pieces, comic book stories, artwork, costumes, monsters, reading recommendations and more. I will also be continuing with my tradition of daily horror movie watching throughout the month (something I've done since way before the internet) and will provide my reactions to what I watch, hopefully providing some new titles to add to your own viewing queue.

What else will you get?

Last year I also posted FREE daily print and cut out paper masks. people seemed to have enjoyed those, so I'll be running more of them each day this year as well.

For those of you who are friends with me on facebook, (feel free to friend me if you're not -- just mention the Countdown) I'm going to attempt to continue providing a short Halloween related video each day.

Be sure to visit my companion blog, The Grim Gallery, where I'm slowly posting my thousands of monster related images at the rate of one per day. There are monsters, ghosts, ghouls, and creeps there every day 365 days a year, but during October, the images tend to be more relevant to Halloween.

If you like what I post this year and want more, be sure to check out my previous Halloween Countdowns by visiting the October archives for the years 2006-2011. The Archives can be found in the column on the right side of this blog page.

Finally, for more Halloween than you can handle, please visit The Countdown to Halloween where you will find links to hundreds of blogs also participating in the Countdown this year. Everyone involved works incredibly hard to bring you the best treats possible all month long. It would be almost impossible to visit every one of the blogs involved every single day, but please try to get to each one at least once and leave them a comment to let them know their efforts are appreciated.

Happy Halloween.


Todd Franklin said...

Here we go again! All the best to you for this year's countdown!

Shawn Robare said...

I've been playing a lot of catch up this past week. Excited for the season and totally un-prepared for my countdown, but I'm sort of used to that by now. Looking forward to see what flick's you're gonna watch and stuff. Oh, and I put up the 2012 sidebar today. Double checked all the links on the list while doing it...

John Rozum said...

Same to you, Todd!

Thanks for doing that, Shawn. I was planning to take care of that this afternoon. I think overall, setting up this year's countdown went very smoothly; certainly a lot easier than years past. I'm looking forward to your posts as well.