Monday, July 07, 2014

Ask Me Anything #41

As always, the first Monday of the month means it's time for "Ask Me Anything."

You can ask me any questions you'd like, whether it's about my work, opinions, influences, favorites, least favorites, or anything else you think I might have an answer for. Questions can be posted in the comments section below, and I'll either answer them there, or in a separate post sometime later in the month.

Please take the time to view the previous questions so that we don't wind up with a lot of repetition. I've been asked a lot of good, thought provoking questions in the past as well as some really banal ones, all of which I tried to answer. You can see the previous questions by visiting Ask Me Anything  #1#2 ,  #3#4#5#6 , #7 , #8#9,  #10,  #11,  #12 , #13#14,  #15 , #16#17 , #18 , #19,  #20,  #21#22,  #23#24#25#26#27#28#29#30#31#32#33#34#35#36#37#38#39, and #40.  Answers not found following the questions can be found in the archives section for each associated month under Ask Me Anything.

Now ask away. 


Joe said...

Hey John, its Joe, Sorry i have been absent for the past 2 months, computer issues. Crashed and i lost everything i was working on.

Question 1: Have you ever lost everything you were working on or something happened that derailed you from your work? If so was it hard to get back to working on what you were? I lost all the script i was working on and i feel lost in a way, i wanna start again but at the same time its difficult.

Question 2: Have there been any comics recently that you have been really bug into? If so, what about them do you really like?

John Rozum said...

Hi Joe,

1. Stuff like that happens all the time to some extent, notes go missing, pages get accidentally deleted, etc. The biggest loss for me was after sitting down and writing an issue of Kobalt straight through. I finished at 4:00 am, and when I was finished, I stretched my legs and kicked out the computer power cord from the outlet. The entire issue was lost because I was on a roll and didn't stop to save as I went. I never made that mistake again. It was about 38 pages of typing lost. I did the only thing I could do at that point and started over immediately at page 1 so that I could try and recreate as much of it as possible while it was still fresh in my mind. It made for a really long night, and the second version wasn't as good as the first, but it had to be done.

2. I don't have a local comic book store so I don't really read anything on a monthly basis. It's just not practical. I read a lot of stuff when it's collected, much of it decades old. There are certain creators whose work I like and follow as best as I can, but the only ongoing series I really try to keep on top of is Hellboy, and I'm even behind on that. I like that one because Mike Mignola and I have an overlapping fondness for much of the same material, but his approach to how he tackles it is very different from the way I do, so it doesn't feel like we're going over the same territory. I also really like his storytelling and the characters and artwork. It's a very comfortable world for me to visit.

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