Wednesday, October 10, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10 - Movie

I have more tolerance for low quality in a horror movie than any other genre, but there are some movies I can't recommend for any reason whatsoever (The remake of "House on Haunted Hill" being one of them, John Carpenter's "Vampires" being another). "Devil's of Darkness" (1965) isn't quite that appalling, but it's pretty dull. The movie centers around writer Paul Baxter (William Sylvester) on vacation, whose companions come to mysterious ends, the explanations for which he's not satisfied. The mystery deepens, and it seems that everyone who tries to help him solve it also comes to a mysterious end. Essentially it boils down to a cult of Satan worshippers who all devoted to their vampire leader Count Sinestre (Hubert Noel), perhaps the least intimidating, or frightening vampire in screen history. Sinestre looks very waxy, more like a marionette character from a Gerry Anderson tv series, than a human being, or vampire. For some reason, a bat shaped medallion that belongs to Sinestre has fallen into Baxter's hands and must be retrieved at all costs before a certain time. Why, is never made clear, or if it was, it slipped past my attention while it was wandering.

The movie looks like 20th Century Fox was trying to copy the popular horror movies being produced by Hammer Studios, as well as "Night of the Demon" (1957) [ called "Curse of the Demon" in the U.S.] without being able to capture the feel of either. The director had the improbable name of Lance Comfort.


Dane said...

You chose the perfect still to illustrate your review. That's the most blase' vamp I've ever seen.

Rozum said...

Some movies, there are so many great moments to choose from. This movie was not one of them. Trust me when I say, this is about the most interesting image I could have picked from this movie, other than the beatnick party scene.