Tuesday, October 23, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 23 - Movie 2

The attractive woman in the picture accompanying this post is "Frankenstein's Daughter" (1958). This movie was a lot of fun. It also wastes no time getting going, with the first monster appearance happening within seconds of the movie's beginning. Here, Carter Morton, a kindly old scientist is trying to develop a serum for curing cancer. Unfortunately he has an undermining lab assistant who's more interested in continuing the work started by his father and grandfather. His name? Oliver Frankenstein. Frankenstein, aided by the gardner is secretly using the old man's lab to conduct his own experiments. One of these experiments is chemical. Using Morton's not quite there formula's, Frankenstein experiments on Morton's lovely daughter, Trudy, turning her into a hideous faced monster with a lovely body. Like Dr. Jekyll's sreum, this wears off over time and Trudy reverts back to her normal form. Frankenstein's other experiment is more traditional. He build's a monster of his own, this time a female, because the female brain, conditioned to living in a man's world is already conditioned to taking orders. His words, not mine. Unlike Trudy, this monster is all hideous, and walks in the clunkiest manner of an Frankenstein monster, and also wears the worst outfit. Murders take place, cover-ups ensue, and the monster goes berserk.

Sadly, in spite of there being two monsters in this movie, they never meet, let alone fight each other. The cast is all capable, if somewhat bland, including Harold Lloyd, Jr. as fun loving, singing, Don, and former wife of jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight, as Trudy. The stand out performance here comes from Donald Murphy as the incredible slimy, backstabbing, Oliver Frankenstein. This is a villain meant to be hissed, and he's great.

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