Sunday, October 14, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 14

After having a really disappointing Halloween in NYC one year, where one of us was stuck working, it was pouring rain, and we were really broke, a couple I'm close friends with, and I decided to swap Halloween buckets each year. I moved out of NYC before the next Halloween rolled in, and I think the tradition only happened for three years running.

Accompanying this post are 2 images each of all the loot I crammed into their Halloween buckets for two years in a row at the end of the 1990s. The first one contains the Universal Monster stamps, and at least one of the toys offered at Burger King, so it must have been whatever year that was. 1996? Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the third year's loot, but remember there being a Creature from the Balck-Lagoon jigsaw puzzle in there.

It was a lot of fun assembling all of this stuff, but when I had kids of my own, the tradition pretty much stopped, though there have been a few boxes sent their way in more recent years, including this year which had a few DVDs, CDs, one of the talking busts from Target last year, and some plastic pirate skeletons I found at the Dollar Tree.

I've received some great stuff from their end as well, including a haunted top hat, tons of old kids books, coloring books, and various rubber monster things. If you ask me, it's better than Christmas.


Monster-Maniac said...

Yeah. Halloween stuff is better than xmas stuff for me too. So, um... I bought those Universal Monster cookies last year... I shudder to think thst they were from the 90's... Great collection!I must add to mine

Kirk D. said...

It would be neat if Halloween evolved into a gift giving occasion, only the gifts had to be spooky. If you had friends/family who knew each others personal tastes it could be a beautiful thing.

Monster-Maniac said...

Kirk, I'm with you... Lets start a society... Better yet, cult. Gift-giving spook-loving monster-mashing cult.

Monster-Maniac said...

PS. That photo of Karloff in the second (?) photo is super.

AND. Twice I've forgotten to say how stunning this stuff is. It's really beautiful in my eyes, no matter how sappy and melodramatic it sounds. Cheers.

Rozum said...

I just received my box from these friends for this year, and it really adds to the seasonal fun, especially since I don't get to benefit from trick-or-treating anymore (except for that ten percent I make my kids fork over from their trick-or-treat haul). My only wish is that someone would get around to printing rolls of Halloween gift wrap. They make it for everything else for crying out loud.