Wednesday, October 24, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 24

Long before Sideshow Toys became this pricey boutique of very limited edition prop replicas, statues, and 12" and 24" inch action figures, it was an affordable toy company who just happened to make the best Universal monster toys ever made. they also dabbled in some non-action figure items such as the Frankenstein pail in the first picture, which I'm happy to be the proud owner of.

There are two prior Frankenstein buckets that I know of. Meant to be used to gather candy while trick-or-treating, these pails are all really great looking items. The orange one, with the Glenn Strange likeness, was made in the 1960s, the other one I'm not so sure, though most likely it was during that same decade. I don't own either of these, but sure wish I did.


Max the drunken severed head said...

That middle bucket-- is that even a Frankie? Looks more like a Quasimodo to me (I see elements of different versions.) The flat head comes from the fact that the top is off, I'm guessing.

But I could be wrong.

Rozum said...

Nitpicker! Actually, the same thought occurred to me. Quasimodo does seem like an odd choice for a trick-or-treat pal, though, and with the coloring, I figured it could go either way; being used for Frankenstein's monster or the Hunchback of Notre dame if you were a kid so inclined.

Yes, it's really all a justification so that i could post it during "Frankenstein Week." You can be sure that if I ever decide to do a "Hunchback Week" you'll see it again.