Wednesday, October 31, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 31 - Happy Halloween!

Today's the big day that we've all been counting down to. I'd like to thank everyone who's participated in this year's Halloween countdown, whether by simply stopping by, especially those of you who have taken the time to comment and participate, or who have been running countdown's of your own. I'm especially pleased by how big this year's Halloween countdown has grown since last year. Last year there were only a handful of us doing this (at least in an interconnected manner). This year there are a couple of dozen. Hopefully next year there will be even more. Then the world will be ours. I've taken the time to visit each of the other particpant's blogs on at least an every other day frequency, and have enjoyed them immensely. I've learned things, coveted things, laughed out loud, and experienced a profound shared embracement of the holiday. My apologies for not commenting more frequently, but my computer seems to have some difficulty with the little comments pop up screen, that I haven't figured out how to get around.

I still have a few posts to put up today after this one, so be sure to check back tonight or tomorrow. There's one last movie to watch and post, a riddle to answer, and pictures of my outdoor decorations to share.

In the meantime, here are links to two sites that I'd been meaning to put up, and never seemed to get around to it.

First up, is Mark Harvey's13th Mark probably has the greatest collection of Halloween songs, stories, and sound effects on the planet. He also broadcasts a year round streaming radio program of Halloween music, and also composes his own spooky music which he sells on his own record label. There's tons of great stuff here whenever the Halloween mood strikes you.

Secondly, one of the most unique blogs participating in the Halloween countdown is The Armchair Chef. We've got plenty of crafts, and costume scans, toys, music downloads, movie reviews, childhood reminiscences, book recommendations, magazine graphics, all of which I love, among us, but I think this is the only place that's been feeding us a steady diet of recipes for Halloween treats. If you've got a Halloween party planned for tonight and are looking for that special something to serve, then this is the place to go.

Everyone, have a safe and Happy Halloween!


Monster-Maniac said...

You said it all perfectly. Happy Halloween to one and all. The blogs I've been to were all superb. Thanks, everyone, for linking to everyone else and creating a cult of Halloween bloggers. It's been great. And I'm happy to hear it isn't quite over yet. We both have things up our sleeves... And not just rats, spiders and snakes...

Stephen said...

I can't believe it's almost over already. I'll miss the daily fun, but I guess it wouldn't be as special if it wasn't something to look forward to every year. Thanks a lot for all of your fun posts this year, John. Happy Halloween!

Sparkle Plenty said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! What a cute picture today, and what a great batch of stuff! THANKS! :-)

Dane said...

Happy Halloween, John! I had a great time visiting your blog and with the countdown in general. Let's do it all again next year!

I think my favorite thing you did is the movie reviews - at least one ended up on my Netflix queue, and I enjoyed it immensely. (Twice Told Tales, with Vincent Price.)

Todd Franklin said...

I really enjoyed all your posts again this year! Job well done!
A happy halloween for you and your family. Have fun tonight!

Mark Harvey said...

Happy Halloween John!

All my best,

Mark Harvey