Saturday, October 20, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 20 - Spooky Bonus

Today the Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot film is 40 years old. I wasn't sure if this news item really fit into the Halloween aspect of this month's post, but decided to include this when a box of Halloween goodies from some friends arrived, which included the above action figure among the treats. I took it as a sign.

You can order your own Bigfoot action figure from Archie McPhee.

Growing up in the 70s, it was hard to escape Bigfoot. Not because our house was under seige by Sasquatch, but because he was was a media superstar second only perhaps to Evel Knievel. Everytime you turned on the television sasquatch was there, be it on "In Search Of," "The Six Million Dollar Man" or even "Bigfoot and Wildboy." Then there were all the books competing for attention against the books on the Bermuda Triangle. I'm still really fascinated by this cryptozoolical creature, thinking that the Sasquatch is the most plausible of all of those unsolved mysteries. I also find the evidence that such a creature exists pretty compelling stuff.

Jeff Meldrum's book "Sasquatch" despite its pretty sensational cover art, is perhaps the most compelling look at all of the evidence that's been found so far, analyzing everything whether it gets dismissed as obvious hoax material, or ends up looking like pretty convincing evidence for the creature's existence. It's a very fascinating read no matter your stance on the subject, and if you're a skeptic, this book could turn your thinking the other way. It's available in both paperback and hardcover. I highly recommend it.

For more on sasquatch and everything else cryptozoological, look no further than Mr. Cryptozoology himselfLoren Coleman and be sure to check out his cool cryptozooligal museum. I wish I had a life-sized pteranosaur in my house.

If you still want more then try Crypto-Blog or Bigfoot Encounters for more of the latest sasquatch related news.

If you want to give yourself the willies, take a listen to some of the recordings of bigfoot calls especially this one when you're alone at night.

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