Thursday, October 18, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 18 - Movie 2

So far this month, I've watched 25 movies, and have at last found the crown jewel among them. The unfortunately titled "Kill, Baby...Kill!" ("Operazione Paura"/"Operation Fear", aka "Curse of the Living Dead") (1966) is far and above the best horror movie I've watched this year. Even better, I'd never seen it before, and didn't know anything about it going in to it.

I won't recap the plot other than to say it involves a cursed town, ghosts, a witch, a medium, and some of the best, most atmospheric sets from any horror movie. Mario Bava's direction is superb, as is his choice in stylized lighting using a lot of green, purple, gold and blue, often within the same shot.

I prefer Bava's gothic horror films to his other work. It's like watching Hammer horror films from an alternate earth, and they carry a much bigger sense of dread. If you watch any horror movie this year, make it this one.

"Kill Baby...Kill!" is included in the "Mario Bava Collection - Volume 1" which is highly recommended.

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