Saturday, October 27, 2007

31 Days of Halloween - Day 27 - Frankenstein Week Concludes

That concludes Frankenstein Week for this year's 31 days of Halloween. Starting tomorrow, I'll be returning to a mixture of seasonal fare as we quickly approach Halloween itself.

If you're looking for more Frankenstein, I highly recommend dropping by Frankensteinia.

One final Frankenstein question from me: Does anyone know why Dr. Frankenstein had to cobble his creation together out of numerous dead bodies? Couldn't he have just found one that was fresh and in good shape and simply reanimated that one? Even if he wanted to give it a new brain, that's simply two bodies. there isn't any real reason to mix and match arms and intestines if you get ahold of a good cadaver.


Dave Lowe said...

Good question and one I've thought about. My theory has always been (aside from a creature put together from different bodies makes for a good macabre monster) Dr. Frankenstein's work was trial and error. In the process he might of messed up on one leg and had to replace it. He might of stolen a body and discovered parts riddled with some disease and used only the best parts.
Just in my work alone sometimes making a prop you start with a good design and when you go to make it, find yourself needing to add a screw here, glue there, etc., etc. Before you know it, it's cobbled together from ton's o stuff.

Karswell said...

To create the "perfect" super-human he would have had to initially unearthed a perfect super-human who had just died. His subject may have had good legs but a bad back, or strong hands but a weak chin... mix 'n match, it's the spice (and spark) of life.