Friday, October 10, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 10 Movie 2

"The Horror of Party Beach" (1964) is one of those terrible movies best appreciated with a group of people and a lot of beer. There are some truly laughable lines of dialogue, and the performances are all amateurish, but like any movie by Ed Wood, everyone involved seems to have been earnest in their efforts, and that elevates the movie from being complete crap to watchable crap.

Two spectral goldfish witness radiocative waste transform the skeleton of a dead human into a living "actor" in one of the worst monster suits ever made. The monster kills a loose girl following a rumble between her straight-laced scientist boyfriend and his beach party friends and a motorcycle gang who never appear in the rest of the movie. A lesson in manners is given. A stereotypical superstitious meddling black maid appears. Two of the oafish monsters slaughter over twenty girls at a slumber party. Gas costs 27 cents a gallon, but drops to 23 cents a gallon within the same scene, the heartbroken boyfriend of the first murdered girl starts dating again within a day, the Del-Aires perform a bunch of musical numbers, two girls have a close call, two drunks have a closer call ending in their demise, the monsters (now half a dozen) turn out to be human zombie
sea anemone-men, the maid accidentally figures out how to destroy them, then after a montage of a countless number of more deaths, that simple solution is put to action.

That in a nutshell is "The Horror of Party Beach" and it made for the perfect second half of today's double bill.

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