Thursday, October 23, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 23 Riddle

Why did Frankenstein's monster go to a psychiatrist?

Answer to yesterday's riddle: He likes to draw blood.


Trix said...

So 23 days into this ride and I'm finally gettin' around to telling you how much my 9 year old loves your riddles.

Thanks for the daily entertainment...that I'll probably have to listen to until I ship him off to college. ;)

Anonymous said...

He had a couple of screws loose?

John Rozum said...

Thank you, Trix. He's about the perfect age for them. I tend to have that effect. Several years ago when I made Halloween CDs for my daughter's entire preschool class, every parent thanked and then complained to me about the CDs because their kids made them listen to them over and over again in the car--for months afterwards.

And, tenzhi, thank you for dropping in to answer these riddles with such devotion.