Monday, October 20, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 20 Movie 1

Gary Don Rhodes has written several excellent books on Bela Lugosi and countless articles, making him in all likelihood THE Lugosi expert. He also produced, wrote and directed the excellent documentary "Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula." (1997). The ilm doesn't cover too much territory not covered in other biographies, such as the one produced by A&E, but it features unique interviews with people who knew Lugosi, and contains a plethora of fantastic stills, quite a lot of which I'd never seen before, and plenty of rare footage including tv appearances, an interview from the 1930s, an excerpt from a silent Hungarian movie from 1918, and more.

This film is clearly a labor of love, and Rhodes' high regard for his subject is apparent in every aspect of this production. The DVD also comes with a bonus audio disc full of appearnces Lugosi made on Radio programs in the 1940s.

You can order a copy here at the official site or here at Creepy Classics.

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