Sunday, October 12, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 12

I immediately became smitten with the work of Don Marquez when I stumbled upon a truly impressive painting he'd done of the Colossal Beast which he had for sale on ebay. I immediately began bidding, but saw the painting elude me. This then happened with Gorgo and a piece featuring Turok, one of my favorite comic books.

Thankfully, Don has extensive gallerys of his work on his website, AND offers shockingly affordable prints of, as far as I can tell, everything shown. (Keep that in mind when you want to show a certain blogger your appreciation for their Halloween Countdown this year). Of course, neither his Colossal Beast, nor the Turok piece I was after are present.

Don has also done a number of impressive pieces centered around Vampirella, and what I think is his best work overall, portraits and scenes from the Oz books, only a few of which can be seen on his website.

If you do choose to purchase from him, tell him I sent you.

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