Thursday, October 09, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 9

Whether Disneyland, or Disney World, the Haunted Mansion remains my favorite attraction by a wide margin. I was very happy to reexperience this ride, and experience it for the first time in its renovated form, this past April when my family spend a week at Walt Disney World. No matter which theme park we'd decided to concentrate on each day, I always managed to find a way to get in at least one visit every day we were there.

The attraction holds up amazingly well, and I was captivated by it each time through, and had the further pleasure of seeing my kids experience it for their first time as well. The only disappointment, and this was the case for most of the interior attractions, is that it is really difficult to photograph anything. Not only does using a flash spoil the carefully crafted lighting, but also spoils the enjoyment for other park visitors (and in the case of the Haunted Mansion works against the special effects). Without the flash, the lighting is simply too dark, especially when seated in a moving conveyance where you can't keep the shutter open and keep focus, and probably also affected by my otherwise reliable, but in no sense high-end digital camera.

That said, here are some shots I took outside, and within the Haunted Mansion that weren't completely unusable. In some cases, I actually think the bad lighting, and blurriness lends a bit of authenticity to these as ghost photos. It certainly lends a credible reason to make it seem as if I took these poor pictures this way on purpose.

For some great pictures of the inside of the Haunted Mansion, check out the following excellent websites and blogs.


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Here are some links to Youtube videos which give behind the scenes looks at the Haunted Mansion:

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