Wednesday, October 15, 2008

31 Days of Halloween - Day 15 Spooky Bonus

Available in comic book stores today is SCOOBY-DOO #137, which contains a zombie related story I wrote. I don't have my copies yet, so I can't give you the art credits.

This issue marks my 10 year anniversary writing the SCOOBY-DOO comic book for DC Comics. It's a bit shocking to me to think I've not only worked on one thing for so long, but that I've been able to come up with new material for the formulaic concept that defines the series. I've written more than 100 Scooby-Doo stories now, not all of which have seen print, yet and I'm still going.

I'm periodically asked about the various references and inspirations for some of the stories I've done, and starting in the beginning of 2009, I've decided to post an annotated guide to the stories I've written explaining where some of the plots came from and which classic horror movies, actors, and crew members the stories allude to.


Robert Pope said...

Can't wait for those story posts, pal. Diggin' your October bloggin'!

Steven Altis said...

Congrats on the 10 year Scoobiversary!

That is the creepiest Scooby cover that I've ever seen...

My word verification is 'ueatrh' which is close enough to 'unearth' to tickle my funny bone.

Unknown said...

that is some feat...over a hundred stories! AWESOME, congratulations that is quite an accomplishment!